Used Book Trade-in Policy

Heroes and Horrors Games and Comics Used Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Trade-in Policy

We take gently used books in trade providing they are in good condition and we do not have a copy in stock. Used books we consider are adult and children’s sci-fi/fantasy, manga, RPG etc.

We sell our used paperback books for 1/2 the cover price. We give you 1/4 of the paperback cover price in store credit. For instance – if the book’s original price was $7.99, we sell it for $4.00, we give you $2.00 in trade credit. Used hardbound books are sold for $5.00.  We give you $2.50 in store credit.

Condition is a huge factor. We want the used book section to have quality books! While normal wear-and-tear is expected books should meet the following criteria:

  • No underlining or highlighting
  • No mold, water damage, or warping
  • No books that smell of mildew or other strong odors
  • No dog-eared, ripped or missing pages
  • No library discards
  • No books with stickers we can’t remove
  • No books with broken spines
  • No covers which are stained, torn, or dented (also dent-ed as by pets and kidsJ)
  • No hardbound books without their dust jackets

If we cannot sell it in the store, then we cannot accept it for trade credit.

I love this note from another book seller’s webpage, we suggest that you follow it. And yes, people do bring boxes in like that, yuck cobwebs!
Sidenote: If the box of books you’ve been meaning to bring in for months upon months has been sitting in the garage the entire time… PLEASE at least move them to a new box so that anything that made it’s home in the old one doesn’t join us at the store. It’s technically not a *requirement* that anything is done with them, but if we are pulling leaves, dead bugs, and spider webs off of books then they just don’t seem to be very clean anymore.

Number of copies in stock
We have limited space in the book section, which means that we try to only have one copy at a time.

We sort through your books as quickly as we can – while you wait if we’re not busy and the amount of books is small.  If you bring in a box of books we may need to take your contact information and call you when they’re sorted.  We request that with any book boxes you drop off, you pick up unwanted books within 5 days of us notifying you with your credit amount or we will donate them to charity.

Books are accepted at the discretion of the bookstore representative. We cannot guarantee to take every used sci-fi/fantasy or gaming book that you bring in.